Before I die.

Yesterday, Derich and I decided to do some exploring around Louisville. We found delicious tacos, gorgeous antique stores, but what really caught my attention was the Before I die wall in the NuLu district. We walked up to this wall, grabbed a piece of chalk, and filled in the blank. 

After a few minutes of reading the responses on the wall, my perspective changed completely. I had written down what I wanted to do before I died, but looking at what was important to other people really moved me. How often did I think of what life was like to the person in front of me in line? Almost never. 

 I get so caught up in what kind of world I want to live in, that I forget the world that I actually live in. Seeing this wall helped remind me that we're all sharing the world. There's room for all of our dreams! If we take a minute to get out of our head and into someone else's heart, I have confidence that this world is going to be just fine. 

If you want to find a wall near you, create one in your community, or simply just learn about this inspiring  movement; Click Here

Until next time darlings. 

My very own Dream Team!

Every now and again, you find the perfect shade of lipstick or those skinny jeans you can't imagine living without. I'm thankful enough to have all the above, as well as the most amazing dream team!

Shanna McAfee and I met several years ago in a mall in a small city called, Jensen Beach. I was 17 and a barista at Starbucks, and she was a few years older and the manager of a clothing store. Every single morning she ordered an iced venti soy mocha-with 2 sweet and low- and we briefly chatted while I served her the usual beverage. It's amazing to think that after three life-changing-moves, a wedding and several years later, she's not only my mentor, but my best friend.

Jamie Graham and I met in passing or in multiple groups of friends for years. The town we grew up in was very small, so we always knew of the other. When I moved home from Nashville, she took me out for a drink for my birthday and we have been inseparable since! With a love for fashion, food, and puppies; we're 100% heterosexual life partners. Even after moving 2,100 miles away, she is still my biggest supporter and best friend.


Let me show you the fruit of our friendship!


More photos, collaborations and adventures to come!

My store opens tomorrow night (08-09-13) at 11pm! Be the first to check out all my goodies... including this stunning black dress!

Stay tuned darlings!


How do you sport your LBD?

The Little Black Dress (or LBD) is every girl's best friend. Not only is the dark color sleek and slimming, you can use texture to show your personality! It's the perfect go-to outfit when you're bloated, tired, excited, casual or dressy! Unsure what to wear? Throw on your LBD and let your imagination take it from there!

I've chosen a basic LBD, and demonstrated how you can sport the same dress 4 different ways. The possibilities are endless!

How will you wear your LBD this season?

What's your style? How will you accessorize your Little Black Dress this season?

I can't wait to see y'alls response! It's date night, so I've gotta run to put together a LBD look of my own!

Until next time!

How to update your fall wardrobe with two easy essentials!

It's the first week of August, and that means it's beginning to feel more and more like fall! School is back in session, it's 69 degrees when you wake up and most retailers are already starting to move their merchandise around for Autumn! Before you put away your summer favorites and buy a new wardrobe, I'll show you a few ways to utilize two easy accessories for Fall!

Fall Essential 1: BOOTS

Summer dresses can easily transition into fall when you add a pair of boots! Simple colors are best, but patterend dresses can also transition well. Be sure to avoid patterns and styles that are season specific; for example, tropical floral patterns, high-lo dresses that are summer specific, etc...

When choosing a boot, almost any boot will do! Show your style with a high heel boot, a flat boot, a riding boot, an ankle boot, a lace up boot, a zip-up-the-side boot, etc... In Fall, all boots are created equal!

Fall Favorites (Part 1)

Fall Essential 2: SCARVES 

Alright, alright, so maybe it's not cool enough for a scarf yet. Who was it that said, "no pain, no gain"? Wearing a scarf on a sunny 85 degree day isn't pain, but it's worth the sweat if you look fabulous, right ladies? Below, I've listed a few essential colors and patterns that will transition from summer to fall, and from fall to winter. Neutrals are safe purchases because they're more versatile and can be paired with a graphic, a woven, a simple sweater, or layered with a coat! Feel free to spice things up and pair a bold pattern with a bold graphic. Personal style is all about that... being personal. Let your personality shine this season, and use a scarf to aid you in the process!

Fall Favorites (Part 2)

That's all for today darlings! I hope you found this useful. If you have any style questions or posts you'd like to see; please comment or email me and I'll be sure to feature your question!