It's the Kentucky Fair, Y'all!

Louisville does many things great, but the fair has to be one of them! It's the largest fair I have ever seen! We recently enjoyed our fair share of carnival rides, fried girl scout cookies, and $8 sodas.

I LOVE double dates! 

Just enough tickets for a Ferris wheel ride.

The sun was setting and the lighting was perfect! The creative director in me wanted to line everyone up and start snapping photos, but I held back and enjoyed the evening like a normal human, haha.

The Ferris wheel is something I hadnt experienced in years, and I had forgotten how high it went. As a kid it was my favorite part of the fair, but this time I was so nervous and thought I was going to be sick! 

D and I have decided to stay in Louisville for one more year, and we look forward to visiting the fair again next year! Next time, we'll totally check out the donut burger!